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Mobile app sketch

Blending UX & Content Strategy

Content planning and strategy is foundational to any design, and is critical for responsive web design. The examples below showcase a study I did for an international set of sites to audit current product content, analyze its strengths and weaknesses, note gaps, and explore potential design solutions.

The hypothesis being tested is if one core content strategy and UX design could work for all countries across the globe, given many variables, for products in the same family (in this case, bank accounts and credit cards)—thus streamlining and bringing closer together the marketing, development, and design processes while delivering a more useful experience for customers.

Audit, analysis, and planning

I collaborated with a Writer / Content Strategist to audit the content, analyze the findings, and craft a point of view on what an ideal product page should be like through a creative brief.

Designing a common framework across countries

Here you can see the progression in the product page design informed by the content analysis and creative brief. The product page was sketched, then translated into a content component system, and the pages were wireframed to show how the system works across different countries with variables in content and requirements.