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App sketch

Collaborative, user-centered design

I enjoy the problem-solving, collaboration, and sense of adventure in lean design. I think transparent, team-oriented projects will most often have the greatest shared vision and yield the highest quality results. Any reason to break out sticky notes and markers is a good day. Less time at my desk and more time spent working with others is often a sign that a project is going well.

Below are example artifacts from lean ideation, user-centered artifacts, and planning sessions. I enjoy breaking projects down into prioritized pieces and working closely with others to realize the vision (and pivot if needed), to strategically build and release products one step at a time.

What I do

  • Discovery, strategy, and planning
  • Project and team leadership
  • Look for the problems and design the solutions
  • Concept, design, and simple prototyping
  • Workshops and sketch jam sessions
  • User research and concept testing
  • Delivery and collaboration with development

Ideation examples

I like to use sketching sessions as a way to turbo-boost a project. Within a single 2-3 hour session, I have sketch-boarded the basics of an offline process into an online model with an instructional designer, and defined an object model and 2 primary app workflows with a developer. I enjoy working out key frameworks or approaches as a team, then moving forward with greater focus on core components.

User-centered methods

Below are example artifacts that focus on the humans involved and what will help the team to evaluate what will be of most value to them. I will create any tool that helps visualize and focus the efforts. Combine a journey or scenarios with a persona? Sure. Go lean and mean and user test with paper concepts? You bet. Whatever gets the job done.

Project planning and management

Planning in the open as a team enables the project approach and status to be clear and for the team to work as a unit. Design is a team sport—most of the planning artifacts below were created by me, others in collaboration with a coworkers to create processes that worked best for the team.