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product concept

Consumer banking products

My role

UX Design Lead in small, lean project teams at a design studio. Worked closely with stakeholders and other designers/researchers in a variety of processes inspired by lean and design thinking workflows.

The project

The primary goals: 1) create customer-centered banking products with a universal “white label” feature set that can be adapted to different banks and different regional markets, and 2) create a better value proposition and more differentiated experience for core consumer money management workflows.

What I did

  • Led the design process, established point of view
  • Defined user research goals and reported insights
  • Designed concepts for generative research
  • UX and interaction design of core banking experiences
  • Communicated approach and designs to stakeholders

Discovering customer needs with generative research

I created low fidelity concepts for generative testing, and combined with interview guides for external teams to conduct foundational audience research. Synthesized findings into core user needs and strategic approach.

Ideating on research results

Prioritizing solutions

Customers struggled with software usability issues, lack of transparency regarding fees and payment timing, and the disconnect between digital banking and the rest of their digital tools. The solutions were prioritized to focus on better spending tools in the form of 1) simplified payments and transfers (that optionally integrate into mobile calendars and notifications), 2) cash flow organization, and 3) spend monitoring. This was a surprise to stakeholders because they thought perhaps better shopping discounts or other perks would be key differentiators for customer retention. Banks don’t often consider that digital banking means they are now also in the software business.

Presenting selected concepts through story

Simple story boards for each concept were animated in Keynote to quickly demonstrate the impact of the recommended new features.

Presented concepts to stakeholders to get buy-in on recommendations for what to move forward for further validation or into production.

Refining designs with prototypes

I used InVision for fast prototyping for developers and stakeholders. Key workflows validated in research were prototyped in more detail and prepped for moving down the production pipeline to development teams in multiple locations in the U.S. and Latin America. The examples below show features specific to Latin American customers.

Mass onboarding journey map

Another aspect of this project was the flip side of the digital experience—the mass on boarding process at Latin American companies to provide employees with payroll checking accounts. This map shows an ideal flow from the perspective of the Employee, Bank, and Company and was used as a tool to spark conversation about opportunities.