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Non-Profit Agency Responsive Redesign

The Project

Complete responsive (and accessible) redesign with primary objectives to improve navigation and presentation of the agency’s broad and deep offerings, and unify messaging and brand presentation. The Communications team also wanted to create a more efficient editorial workflow, and a modernized e-commerce and shopping cart experience. The website was reflective of the complex internal agency departmental structure, which didn’t support the website visitor goals.

My Role

Interactive Design Director for a large educational non-profit. I worked closely with the Communications team leaders to set strategic direction, and with our designer and front-end developer to bring it to life.

Updating the agency’s approach to web communication

What I Did

  • In-house project lead
  • User research
  • Audience profiles
  • Information architecture
  • Art direction
  • Functional specifications
  • Co-created project requirements and was part of evaluation team of vendors for the build

Mapping the site and supporting editorial workflows

I created the concept sitemap that flipped the navigational structure — internal departments were now tertiary information, and services, topics (areas of work) and products were primary.

I documented which parts would be maintained by staff external to the Communications team. I interviewed our editors and other content creators to understand pain points, plus current and ideal workflows. I used this information to write specifications for a vendor to help us select a new CMS.

Understanding the broad audience

I created audience profiles based upon recent qualitative research performed by others on the team, and married it with traffic and other data gathered from our Web Producer that we had on registered users, purchases, and email (and print) newsletter subscriptions.

I used this to map out common scenarios to validate navigation concepts. The profiles helped me to build consensus around concepts to a broader stakeholder team. I also used them to work closely with our Brand Manager to build upon recent work in unifying the messaging across audiences.

Wireframing the experience

I worked closely with the editorial team to map the screen-level experiences, keeping in mind how the content would be modularized, created, and managed. I paid special attention to mobile views presented work on a phone via tap-able prototypes on device.